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  • Spring Pledge Drive Success

    We are pleased to be able to say that we reached our goal for the spring pledge drive. One final push from Carol Courneen on Tuesday morning got us to the top. Thanks to all of the listeners, volunteers and members who overwhelmed us with your support.

    A very special note of gratitude goes out to Tina Lynde who put the drive into hyperspeed with the help of a matching challenge from long time supporter David Davis.

    Donations that come in over the next few days will be applied to our building maintenance fund. Your continued support will allow us to get even stronger than we could have anticipated.



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  • Get Your Swag On

    Although we met our goal for the pledge drive, it’s never too late to stock up on souvenirs. We’d be happy to send you any of these gifts in gratitude for your contribution to WOMR and WFMR. Be sure to note your preference of merchandise when checking out if you donate through the website. Also note that the ARTichoke shirt will not be available after this week.


    artishirt 2   coffee break   bag_rec
    ARTichoke T-shirt – $75 
                         Coffee break – $75                    Tote bag – $50

    sweatshirt_rec1   hats_square   cup_square
    Hoodie  – $156 
                                      Baseball cap – $75                       Coffee mug – $50

  • John Perrone

    perrone[1]DJ Midnight Johnny/John Perrone has always had a passion for MOTOWN, R&B, and SOUL music from the ’60,’70′s & ’80′s. He not only airs the popular, but album tracks, rarities and new releases of archived material never before heard on radio. From time to time, John devotes complete shows to singular artists (Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Jimmy Webb) or particular groups who are masters of their music. John also has a recurring show called “Listener’s Choice” where listeners can send to him a show’s worth of music (in keeping with “Nightflight” music). John would love to hear from local and worldwide listeners for their music requests, show ideas, and comments about the show and most of all…the MUSIC that we love so much. Remember that MOTOWN is the HEART and SOUL of NIGHTFLIGHT.

    NIGHTFLIGHT MOTOWN..R&B..SOUL.: ’60′s,’70′s,’80′s; Big Band, rock, girl groups, etc.  Every Tuesday evening from 9 PM-12 Midnight ET/USA.

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