• Name Your Contribution

    We know that you need to make every dollar count, and we’re grateful that you decided to send a few our way. Feel free to donate as little or as much as you see fit.

    Date: November 7th 2013 @6:21 PM
  • Basic Membership

    This is the level at which you become entitled to your very own membership card. Carry it with pride.

    Date: November 4th 2013 @4:09 PM
  • Dual Membership

    Your contribution of $75 gets you a membership card and one for a friend. Choose wisely.

    Date: November 4th 2013 @4:14 PM
  • Family Membership

    Your contribution of $100 entitles your entire family to say that they are members of community radio as a result of your generosity.

    Date: November 4th 2013 @4:16 PM
  • Sustaining Membership

    Your contribution of $156 helps us even more than a smaller amount, and it means you get thanked by name on the program of your choice throughout the course of the year. Pick a program you like, or choose some …

    Date: November 4th 2013 @4:19 PM
  • Business Membership

    This is the way to get your business mentioned on the air for a year at the lowest possible cost. We thank your business by name and include two points of contact for our listeners to look you up. Take …

    Date: November 4th 2013 @4:22 PM
  • Corporate Membership

    This is your chance to go above and beyond the realm of the ordinary in your support of community radio. Your act of kindness will not go unnoticed.

    Date: November 4th 2013 @4:53 PM