Board Minutes

WOMR Board Meeting Minutes
December 8, 2013- 3:00 PM ~ 494 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA

In attendance: Carol Courneen; Mary Lyttle; Ira Wood; Sheila House; Seth Rolbein; James Paul Ludwig; John Braden (staff); Terry Ryder; Vernon Lady Di Porter. Chuck Cole. Bob Weiser; John Yingling; Susan Lindquist; Rick Sigel.
Regrets: Fred Boak; Ed McManus;
Members of the Public: Betsy Cole

Chair called meeting to order at 3:06.

Public comment: None.

Bob moved, Carol seconded: Ed McManus was appointed to fill a vacancy in the Board. Unanimous vote.

November 3 minutes to be voted on at the January meeting.

Members from the Committees reported as follows:

Finance Committee (Seth Rolbein) Discussion included:
CPB grant came in. $53,000 was the first 70%. Rest to come in Feb.
Cash flow is good. Finances in good shape.
Line of credit paid down.
Insurance issues will be addresses this coming week.
Events: Big events need to make money because they take a lot of work.
Events, Development, and Finance Committee need to meet.

Executive Director Report (John Braden) Discussion included:
See Executive Director’s Report (attached).
Drive now raised $53,000.
Mailing goal will be meet.
A new contractor is being considered for the windows work in order to save money.
We will try for a Mass Cultural Council’s state facilities grant again this year.

Programming Committee (Carol Courneen) Discussion included:
See report (attached).
The Writers Toolkit by Jeannette de Beauvoir will be a podcast.
The e-book podcast show was rejected by the PC as being ‘commercial.’ Discussion on that issue will be continued.

Personnel Committee (Vernon Lady Di Porter):
Did not meet.

Events Committee (Sheila House). Discussion included:
See report (attached).
Paul Sperry was elected new chair.
Phil Ochs was a critical success and netted $650.
Festivus party (potluck) is planned for 12/13. 4 to 7 PM.
The Mardi Gras party has unresolved issues. Until we know the catering prices, we don’t know if we can afford the band and still charge an attractive ticket price. The Board questioned the financial viability of this event. The Board felt it is too late to hold this event and the Events Committee should plan another birthday party event.
The Golf Tournament Committee will consist of Jingles, Ed McManus, and Sheila House. John will talk to Steve Roderick.
Our mortgage is $480,000 and it would be an excellent goal to pay it off.

Development Committee (Ira Wood):
Did not meet.

Nominating Committee (Mary Lyttle):
Did not meet.

Strategic Plan Committee:
Did not meet.

New Business:
Election of officers:
President: Ira Wood: Unanimous.
Vice President: John Yingling: Unanimous.
Clerk: Vernon Lady Di Porter: Unanimous.
Treasurer: Ed McManus: Unanimous.

We talked bout the need to create a strategic plan, and goals, and follow it.
We talked about the need to ask that the Board take a more aggressive role in fundraising.

John Braden asked for volunteers for committees. Passed around the sign-up sheet.

Susan brought up the issue of Sunday meetings. John will solicit people’s time availability.

Old Business:

Next Board Mtg is 1/5 at 5:00 PM.

Future Agenda Items:
Date for joint meeting of the Events, Development, and Finance Committee (strategic Planning) will be decided.

Carol moved, Sheila seconded move to adjourn. Unanimous vote to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 4:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Ira Wood.


WOMR Board Meeting Minutes
November 3, 2013- 4:30 PM ~ 494 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA

In attendance: Carol Courneen; Mary Lyttle; Ira Wood; Ed McManus; Sheila House; Seth Rolbein; James Paul Ludwig; John Braden (staff); Fred Boak; Susan Blood; Terry Ryder; Vernon Lady Di Porter.
Regrets: Vanessa Downing; Bob Weiser; John Yingling; Chuck Cole.
Members of the Public: None

Vice Chair James Paul Ludwig called Meeting to order at 4:36.

Public comment: None.

Sheila moved, Ed seconded. The minutes of October 6 Meeting were unanimously approved.

Members from the Committees reported as follows:

Finance Committee (Ed McManus) Discussion included:
Art Strand had been planning on leaving but they will stay.
Cash flow is low and continues to be a challenge.
Letter appeal has been sent out and we are receiving a good response.
Schoolhouse Gallery behind on their rent, we are planning to add a grace period, penalty, and interest payments to the leases.
Air conditioner problems at Mt Gilboa are still going through insurance claims.
CPB grant will be $14,000 less this year.
A committee to put a golf tournament together is being discussed.
It would be good not to have intermittent cash flow problems. Perhaps events can be maximized.
Events: Fewer but bigger events would be better. (Events like Blind Boys)
Signing up new members at events.
Events, Development, and Finance Committee need to meet to discuss creating a greater impact with events.

Executive Director Report (John Braden) Discussion included:
See Executive Director’s Report (attached).
John has been attending a meeting for volunteer management in Mashpee.

Programming Committee (Carol Courneen) Discussion included:
Focus was brainstorming their mission i.e., How are they going to get DJ’s to take responsibility? What is the role of the PC?

Personnel Committee (Vernon Lady Di Porter):
Did not meet.

Events Committee (John Braden). Discussion included:
A new chair is about to be chosen at next meeting.
Festivus party (potluck) is planned for 12/13. Details to follow.
An income/expense spread sheet was created for the film series.
…& etc. see Event Committee minutes.

Development Committee (Ira Wood) Discussion included:
Board responsibilities.
The need for focus and a plan.
Dev Committee mission.
Need to bring in new people for fund raising and community support.
…& etc. see Development Committee minutes.

Nominating Committee (Mary Lyttle)
Did not meet.

Strategic Plan Committee (Ed McManus):
Did not meet.

Community Advisory Board (Carol Courneen):
Met for a lunch meeting.
Our presence in Provincetown was discussed and questions about Operations and Programming were answered.

New Business:
The Beaux Arts Ball was discussed as was the possibility of Shawn Nightingale being asked (by Vernon Lady Di) to work on an event for us.
Annual Meeting is coming up on 11/23.

Old Business:
Insurance coverage changes will be made and we hope to get better coverage and eliminate overlap (i.e., antenna, feed line, and dish).
New Flood maps have been issued. We are in the new flood plain. Ryder & Wilcox would be willing to do flood evaluations to determine risk and rates in exchange for underwriting.
Susan Blood was thanked for her awesomeness and for her service on the Board.

Next Board Mtg is 12/1 at 4:00PM.

Future Agenda Items:
Meeting of the Events, Development, and Finance Committee.

Ed moved, Sheila seconded move to adjourn. Unanimous vote to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 5:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Ira Wood.


Report of the Executive Director
Meeting of the Board of Directors of WOMR/WFMR
Sunday November 3, 2013 – 4:30 PM

Transmitter at Gilboa: The last of the repairs were made at the transmitter over the weekend. All is merry and bright.

Insurance: I finally feel like we are in a place to present our needs to the insurance. Terry and I will be sitting with the insurance agent on Friday the 1st.

Community Preservation Act Grant:  Justine has collected all that is needed for the exhibit attachments required to move forward with the amended Renovation Restrictions. She and I are still working on the exhibits needed for the Grant Agreement. That would be a case of updating materials we have already submitted to the CPA Committee. When completed, we will send everything to the Grant Administrator for review.

Quilt Raffle: Julie Willecke generously donated a quilt that she made to the radio station for the purpose of raising money. Chris Boles, Vernon and I spent a four hours at the Stop & Shop in Provincetown selling raffle tickets on the 19th where we raised just over $500. Justine, Mary Lyttle and Carol Courneen will be selling tickets at the Stop & Shop in Orleans on November 16th and we will also have a presence at the Firehouse in Provincetown the following day as well.

W.O.M.R. Events Committee Meeting
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 · 5:30 p.m. · Orleans Chamber, Orleans

Present: John Braden, Bob Weiser, Sheila House, Matty Dread, Mary Lyttle, Paula Sperry

Sheila H., Paula S., Marry L. and Bob W. met in executive session to discuss Bob Weiser’s resignation. His resignation was accepted and Bob will still be an Events Committee member. The EvCom will appoint a new chair at the next meeting, when all members can be present.
Event Guidelines- John B. stated the need for more efficacious administration of planning protocols for events. Members were asked to go to the website to view the form that consumers have to fill out to have WOMR sponsor an event. (Events-Event Proposal Form). There will be modifications to this form to make it easy for consumers to understand the process. EvCom members need to know what the staff time commitments are, as well as developing a model to follow the $$$ more efficiently. Matty mentioned that we have three anchor events each year in addition to the smaller ones, but should be smart about when they’re planned. Also, it was suggested that EvCom meet with DevCom at some point in the near future.
WOMENS’ WEEK EVENTS Wed-Fri October 16-18. Sheila will contact Bob to see if Mardi needs volunteers for Wednesday evening.
FILM SERIES- To be discussed at next BOD meeting.
CHATHAM OKTOBERFEST October 26 Noon-4pm. Chatham merchant’s Association has been hard to reach, so John will contact Lisa at the Chatham Chamber again. This may just be a table presence.
PHIL OCHS SONG NIGHT Sunday November 24th at Wellfleet Preservation Hall. This is a fundraiser for WOMR. Sheila will contact Bob about progress and EvCom member support.
POTLUCK HOLIDAY PARTY (a.k.a. WOMR FESTIVUS CELEBRATION) On Friday December 13th The Schoolhouse 4:00-6:00 PM. Paula is contacting chorale members. Mary Lyttle suggested we promote bringing canned or non-perishable goods as a donation to the food pantry. Sheila will bartend. The committee will discuss decorations and food at the next EvCom meeting. Party will be promoted lightly on air.
HARWICHPORT CHRISTMAS STROLL Friday December 6th We discussed have a presence with swag (bumper stickers, schedules, etc) Final decision on this will be made at November meeting.
FIRST NIGHT CHATHAM Also the possibility of promoting the station, will finalize at November meeting.
MARDI GRAS PARTY March 8th 2014- Elks Club in Eastham. Is the band booked? What would we have to charge per head to cover expenses and make money? Paula will check with her contact at the Elks Club to see if they use people who can cook up some Mardi Gras food and what it would cost. More discussion in November.
Joe Gouveia has started Poetry Nights and should be encouraged to come to the next meeting to report on progress.


Minutes of the WOMR Development Committee
Oct 23, 2013 – 3 PM
Orleans Community Center, Main Street, Orleans

Present: James Paul Ludwig, John Braden (staff), Susan Blood, Susan Lindquist, Tony Pasquale, Ira Wood, Justine Alten (staff).
Regrets: Ed McManus

Meeting called to order by Chair Lindquist at 3:15 PM.

The Dev Com Purpose was discussed:
In broad terms, the purpose is to devise plans that make friends and make money for the station. But the Board of Directors needs to implement the plan. It is not currently doing so.

The future of the station depends on a board that works together to implement a strategic plan. We do not have one now and hence the station seems to lurch from crisis to crisis.

Strategies were discussed:

Asking people on air to become members and get their donations incrementally through credit cards. This would regulate cash flow. There fore we should promote donations in this way, which would involve changing the DJ’s scripts.

The Board needs to devise a strategic plan.

Many different levels of donating are confusing (dual membership, family membership, etc.) and should be simplified.

Premiums might be offered by vouchers (i.e., collect a few vouchers to get a better premium). Premiums might be separate from memberships.

Pub crawls, Circle of Ten-type events, and new underwriting events, need to be planned well ahead of time on an annual basis.

Drives with a big “purpose” (i.e., mortgage, etc.) might be more successful.

Events cannot lose money. We must curtail events that do. It is simply not worth staff resources.

We need Board training. Board members should have responsibilities.

We have a debt due to the bank loan. We cannot keep borrowing money to meet expenses.

Hiring event producers to create events and take a cut. Is an option to look at.

We need three major 10th Anniversary major events.

Paying down the mortgage in 2014 could be a major push.

WE need to pursue endowments and naming opportunities.

The history of station is being lost and needs to be documented.

Board meetings are presently lost opportunities to plan. Committee minutes need to have been read by Board members, not presented, so that we can free Board time for planning.

We need the Board to pass judgment on these points above.

Local musicians might asked to create lead-in theme songs for shows.

Motion to adjourn 4:45. Moved Susan Blood. Seconded Tony Pasquale. Unanimous vote.

Next meeting will take place on November 21 at 3 PM at the Community Ctr, Orleans.

See attached Annual Report of the Development Committee.

Respectfully submitted by Ira Wood.